Why India needs a marketplace for Textiles

Indian textile industry being the sixth largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world is still in need of changes which are not only in terms of processes it has adapted but also in terms of technology.

The industry has evolved around the traditional ways of conducting business which has led to the fragmentation of the supply chain.

For a buying or export house looking to source fabrics without the hassle of getting into the intricacies of the supply chain, is still a far-fetched dream. The obstacles that come in their way look like-

The garment manufacturers are confined to work within their network of traders. These traders are in turn confined to their network of limited suppliers and quality of fabric which means that they have access to only greige and not fabrics which are made to order.

Given the limited number of traders, the customers are offered limited choices in terms of prices as well. Since these prices are also coming from traders and not directly from the mills, the transparency is often looked upon.

With the traditional processes in place, the customers are required to wait while their order is delivered to them without knowing its whereabouts. A prompt response from the traders regarding delivery timelines is barely there.

This obstacle stands in the way for both the customers as well the suppliers. While the mills require an upfront payment, the customers need credit to make the payment.

The customer faces the problem of repaying the credit to the market, which provides assistance at high interest rates and suppliers have to deal with payments which are delayed due to various reasons, one of the major ones being not meeting the quality standards which delay the payment.

The customers and suppliers have to also deal with solving the logistical issues by themselves and become dependent on their logistics partners. Because of numerous touch points in the supply chain, there is no one person to be answerable for prompt responses.

It is a B2B marketplace for textiles, it brings textile suppliers and customers together on their platform to conduct business along with other solutions. Here’s why you should choose Locofast-

Not only in terms of quality but also variety in fabrics and patterns are made available for customers on their platform. Due to the huge supplier network, the range of products are inexhaustible. They also cater to made to order products.

The app allows the customers to enter their queries and then the suppliers post their prices. This leads to a healthy competition where the best quote wins after being chosen by the customer. The customer is provided with the complete agency to view the prices quoted by the supplier.

After the order has been placed, the customers can track their order on their app at every checkpoint along with the expected delivery time.

Locofast provides financial assistance at interest rates lower than the market. This credit facility is available to customers as well as suppliers. They provide a substantial amount of credit to customers who have good credit history and turnover.

Transportation services are made available to the suppliers and customers and the team works tirelessly to fulfill the orders on time.

Due to the wide network of suppliers and customers on the platform, both the parties get to tap into business opportunities which they were not able to get before given their limited connections.

The registration process is easy to understand and hassle-free. Reach out to them with the information mentioned below.


+91 89203 92418




Locofast is the fastest way you can procure fabrics for your business.

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Locofast is the fastest way you can procure fabrics for your business.